Redeem Service Rebates

Get money back on recent services

Submitting a rebate claim is quick and easy.

You can submit your rebate claim online or by downloading a mail-in form. Depending on the type of rebate claim you are submitting, you can select to receive your rebate as a prepaid debit card.

Online submissions

If you choose to submit your rebate claim online, you will receive your rebate within 4-6 weeks. We will email you the status of your rebate, and you can also check the status of your claim on this website any time.

Mailed submissions

If you prefer, you can download a mail-in rebate request form in Step 4. Mail-in rebate claims take 6-8 weeks to process. We are not able to provide status updates on mail-in rebate claims.

Rebate offers available only at participating U.S. Ford dealerships.

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