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Redeem a Rebate

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Check Rebate Status

Rebate offers available only at participating U.S. Ford dealerships. 


1. How do I submit my rebate?

a. You can submit your rebate online or through the mail.

  • i. If you redeem online, which allows for faster processing of your rebate, you simply enter in a few pieces of information about your repair, the rebate(s) you qualify for and your contact information.
  • ii. If you mail in your rebate, you need to print/submit the mail-in rebate form along with a copy of your repair order.

2. How soon can I submit a rebate?

a. Rebates can be filed immediately after service is performed and paid for.

3. What information is needed from me in order to file a Ford Service, Quick Lane® or Lincoln Owner Credit Card rebate?

a. When filing a Credit Card rebate, make sure the name submitted with your rebate matches the name on your Ford Service, Quick Lane® or Lincoln Owner Credit Card.

b. When filing for a tire or brake Credit Card rebate, you must submit the tire/brake rebate AND the Credit Card tire or brake rebate to receive the full rebate amount

  • i. If you have your front and rear brakes repaired, you only need to file once for the brake rebate.

4. What information will I need to submit my rebate online?

a. Date of service.

b. Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)

  • i. VINs do not contain the letter “O” or “I.” Customer should use the number 1 or 0 when filing.

c. Servicing dealer.

d. FordPass Rewards member number.

5. How does my rebate get approved?

a. If you redeem online, Redemption Headquarters will try to automatically match your rebate submission to a data feed of dealership repair orders to verify that the qualifying work was completed/parts were used.

b. If you redeem through the mail, Redemption Headquarters will review your physical repair order to verify the qualifying work/parts.

6. Why am I being asked to provide a copy of my repair order?

a. If Redemption Headquarters cannot match your online submission to your dealership’s repair order data within one week, we will email you (using the email that you provide) requesting a copy of the repair order.

b. Once they receive a physical copy of your repair order and can verify the qualifying purchase, your rebate will be approved.

7. What if I am unable to find my copy of the Repair Order/Invoice?

a. If you cannot find a copy of your repair order, please contact the dealership that performed your service and they can reprint another repair order for you.

8. When can I expect to receive my rebate?

a. If you redeem your rebate online, you should receive payment within 4 to 6 weeks.

b. If you mail in your rebate submission, you should receive payment within 6 to 8 weeks.

9. What is the status of my rebate?

a. You can check the status of your rebate within the Check Rebate Status section here

10. How will I receive my rebate payment?

a. Your rebate will be paid via a prepaid Visa® rebate card issued by Bank of America Merrill Lynch.

11. I forgot to mail my submission, and the last eligible postmark date has passed. What do I do now?

a. Submissions mailed after the last eligible postmark date will be rejected. Our rebate offers are carefully planned for specific timeframes and are not available all the time.

12. I have additional questions about my service rebate, and/or I’ve not received my card in the approximate timeline.

a. Please contact Redemption Headquarters at 1.877.310.3674 or email:

  • i.
  • ii.
  • iii.
  • iv. Please add the relevant email address above to your email address book so that email communications come through correctly.

13. How do I submit my Ford Amphitheater at Coney Island Boardwalk “Works” rebate?

a. Rebates can be submitted by mail by Oct. 31, 2017.

  • i. You need to obtain the mail-in rebate form, from your dealer/then submit the form along with a copy of your original ticket stub and a copy of your repair order.

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