Step 2 of 4: Move to USB & extract update

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2.1    While the update file downloads to your computer, insert your empty USB storage drive into your computer's USB  port. 

If your download didn’t begin automatically, click here to start the download again.

NOTE: If you’re using Safari as your browser, go to Preferences > General and make sure the box that says ‘Open “safe” files after downloading’ is unchecked. (You don’t need to do this if you’re using Chrome or Mozilla Firefox as your browser).

2.2    When the download is complete, locate the* file that should now be saved to your computer’s hard drive.

You may need to manually navigate to the file in the destination you specified in Step 1 (ex. “Desktop”).

Screenshot: Downloaded ZIP file on USB Drive

TIP: If you do not specify a destination for these files in Step 1, check for the .zip file in your computer's "Downloads" or "Documents" folder. Your computer may have saved the file to one of those folders by default.

2.2.1    Drag the file to your USB storage drive. Do not unzip the file before transferring it to your USB drive.

Screenshot: Drag to USB Drive

2.3    Right click the .zip file and select “Open With” and choose “Stuffit Expander”. Select your USB drive as your location when it prompts you to do so. 

Screenshot: Right-click and select Stuffit Expander

2.4    Once extracted,  you'll find your files in the folder.

* Your folder and filenames will differ slightly.

Screenshot: ZIP folder on USB Drive

2.5    Open that folder and drag the files out, and up a folder level, into the general USB space.

If the file remains in the folder, they will not be recognized in your vehicle.

Screenshot: Drag files to USB top level

2.6    Right-click on your USB drive and choose "Eject" to safely eject the USB drive from your computer.

Screenshot: Eject the USB

2.7    In the next step, you will receive your vehicle instructions, and then move to the vehicle for the update.