Key by Amazon In-Car Delivery now available with Ford

Ford connectivity services are all about amplifying your ownership experience. One of our newest additions, In-Car Delivery in collaboration with Key by Amazon, makes it possible to get your Amazon Prime packages delivered securely to your Ford—conveniently turning your vehicle into a personal, mobile locker.

What is Key by Amazon In-Car Delivery?

With Key by Amazon In-Car Delivery, you can now get your Amazon packages delivered straight to your vehicle.* The Key by Amazon app enables in-car deliveries by linking your Amazon Prime account with your FordPass™ app. Now, Amazon can deliver your packages securely to your car.

How does Key by Amazon In-Car Delivery work?

Ford owners with eligible connected vehicles can simply shop with Amazon Prime for eligible items and select the in-car delivery option at checkout.* You’ll need to link your Amazon Prime account with your FordPass™ app. Your vehicle will be securely accessible only to the delivery driver using a digital token key specific to your FordPass™ app account and vehicle. The token key will expire if not used in a specified time.

As soon as the delivery is completed, you’ll receive a notification on your smartphone. For added peace of mind, the delivery driver is required to double-check the door handle to make sure it is locked. Not only will you feel secure knowing that your package is exactly where you want it to be, all deliveries are backed by the Key by Amazon Happiness Guarantee.

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Is Key by Amazon In-Car Delivery available in my city?

Ford In-Car Delivery is available to Prime members in select cities and surrounding areas. Check your eligibility.*

How do I get started with Key by Amazon In-Car Delivery?

First, you’ll need to download the Key by Amazon app and link your Amazon Prime account to a connected modem equipped vehicle with the FordPass™ app. During setup, give Key by Amazon permission for the delivery agent to locate and unlock your vehicle. Once that’s complete, you can buy products on Amazon and select the “in-car” delivery option.

How do I know if my vehicle has FordPass ConnectTM?

When will my package be delivered?

On the day of the delivery, you’ll be given a four-hour delivery window and directed to park your vehicle in publicly accessible area. When the delivery person is on their way to your location, you’ll get another notification.

The delivery person will scan your package and receive a digital token key and drop off the delivery in the trunk of your vehicle without the need for you to be there. You can track every stop of your delivery through the Key by Amazon app.

As soon as the delivery is completed you receive a notification on your smartphone device letting you know that the package was successfully delivered to your vehicle.

What will happen if Amazon is unable to deliver my package to my vehicle?

If a vehicle can’t be reached or accessed at the time of in-car delivery, Amazon will reattempt the next day at the same address or can deliver to the building address provided.*

What if I still have questions about linking my Amazon Prime account with my FordPass™ app?

Contact a FordGuide in the FordPass™ app for help. Learn more about the FordPass™ app and FordGuide support.

What if I still have questions on Key by Amazon?

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