Did you know that your vehicle can tell you how much farther you can drive once your fuel reminder comes on?

We all know that our vehicle reminds us when our fuel is low (and some of us know it more intimately than others). There’s a low-fuel-level indicator on your instrument cluster, along with a chime to get your attention. This typically means you have about 1/16 of a tank of gas left. However, if you’re really in a pinch for those last few miles, you can find out approximately how far you can drive on the gas remaining.

Here’s How It Works:

Switch screens on your instrument panel by pressing the button on your steering wheel. If your vehicle is equipped with the distance-to-empty feature, it will be the first screen under Trip 1 or Trip 2 on the information display.

However, remember that different driving styles can affect your distance-to-empty calculation. For example, if you do a lot of highway driving, your distance-to-empty warning may give you an earlier alert of up to 80 miles remaining. Or, if you’re towing a trailer or idling for extended periods of time, your distance-to-empty feature may alert you at 35 miles or less.

Keep in mind that the system automatically resets itself after you refuel, so your needle should point to F (full) when you turn the ignition on again after refueling. However, if you are parked on an incline or if the gas station nozzle shuts off before the tank is full, your needle may not return to the F position.

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