Explore climate by voice with MyFord Touch

Use SYNC® with MyFord Touch® voice commands to set the cabin temperature, adjust defrost and vent settings, and more.27 

Key points about climate voice commands

In order to initiate a climate command, you must always say the mode “Climate” first.

Temperatures may be given in degrees Fahrenheit or Celsius but not both. Touch Settings > System to make your selection. The command "Climate automatic" adjusts fan speed based on desired temperature relative to outside temperature.

The personalized temperature settings "My Temperature" and "Dual Temperature Zones" are made manually in the Climate corner of the 8-inch touchscreen. You can then use voice commands to turn them on or off. See Setting and adjusting climate controls. Here are the commands you need to manage your in-vehicle climate:


Voice Commands

Resume last climate settings/turn off climate control "Climate <on/off>"
Set temperature automatically "Climate automatic"
Use "My Temperature" setting "Climate My Temperature"
Set a specific temperature Fahrenheit: "Climate temperature <60-85> degrees"   

Celsius: "Climate temperature <15.5-29.5> degrees"

Ex.: "Climate temperature 68 degrees"
Increase/decrease temperature by one degree "Climate" | pause | "<Warmer/Cooler>"
Use maximum temperature of 86 degrees "Climate" | pause | "Temperature high"
Use minimum temperature of 59 degrees "Climate" | pause | "Temperature low"
Turn off passenger-side climate setting "Climate"  | pause | "Dual off"  
Turn on/off air conditioning "Climate" | pause | "AC <on/off>" 
Turn on/off maximum air conditioning  (59 degrees)  "Climate" | pause | "Max AC <on/off>" 
Turn up/down fan speed "Climate"  | pause | "<Increase/Decrease> fan speed" 
Use minimum fan speed  "Climate" | pause | "Min fan"
Use maximum fan speed  "Climate" | pause | "Max fan" 
Turn on/off windshield defroster  "Climate" | pause | "Defrost <on/off>"
Turn on/off maximum windshield defroster  "Climate" | pause | "Max defrost <on/off>" 
Turn on/off rear window defroster "Climate" | pause | "Rear defrost <on/off>"
Turn on/off cabin air recirculation  "Climate" | pause | "Recirculate <on/off>"
Use panel (dashboard) vents only "Climate" | pause | "Panel"
Use windshield vents only  "Climate" | pause | "Windshield"
Use floor vents only "Climate" | pause | "Floor"
Use windshield and panel vents "Climate" | pause | "Windshield, panel"
Use windshield and floor vents "Climate" | pause | "Floor, windshield"
Use panel and floor vents "Climate" | pause | "Floor, panel"
Use all vents "Climate" | pause | "Floor, windshield, panel"