Tire Care Advice

Ford techs: Your tire experts. 

From an expert tire rotation to tire mounting and balancing–trust Ford techs. And follow these tips to keep your tires in great shape.

Time for new tires? Find out.

The original tires on your Ford feature built-in wear indicators evenly spaced on your tires. When the tread is worn down to 2/32 or an inch, the tread wear indicator will appear, telling you it’s time to visit your Ford Dealer to replace that tire. Got a penny? Put one upside down in your tire’s tread groves. If Lincoln’s hair is visible, it’s time to replace the tire.

Drive on with proper tire inflation

When your vehicle's tires are properly inflated, it can help:

  • Improve fuel economy
  • Optimize your vehicle’s performance and handling 

Ford recommends you check your tire pressure once every month. And remember to inflate your tires to the proper PSI rating, located inside your doorframe.

Why it’s important to rotate.

Tires wear unevenly, but they’ll last longer and maintain superior traction with regularly scheduled expert tire rotations. Ford techs can detect any unusual tire wear patterns, look for premature tire wear and examine components including brakes, suspension and steering parts in case any repairs are needed. It’s a good idea to rotate your tires every 5,000 to 8,000. Refer to your Owner’s manual to learn when you need to rotate tires.

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Are your tires properly aligned?

When your tires are aligned properly, your vehicle drives straight and handles smoothly. Correct alignment also helps with your tire life, tire performance and gas mileage. Your vehicle should have an alignment every 30,000 miles or whenever you purchase new tires. Schedule tire service at your Ford dealer.