Steering wheel with voice commands icon

SYNC® voice commands offer hands-free control of a wide range of in-vehicle and external systems.27

Voice command categories

  • Category
  • Entertainment
    Commands for music and media systems:
  • SiriusXM Satellite Radio, USB media player, Bluetooth® Audio, and auxiliary devices 34

  • Phone

    Commands for calling, text messaging, and changing phone settings

  • Information

    Commands for using SYNC Services to get information and directions129

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Global voice commands

  • Action
  • Go back one step in the voice dialogue
  • Hear valid commands for the current step in the voice dialogue
  • End any voice session in progress
  • Have a Vehicle Health Report sent to your SYNC Owner account
    "Vehicle health report"
  • Change voice interaction level
    "Voice settings" | pause | "Interaction mode [standard/advanced]"
  • Turn on/off confirmation prompts
    "Voice settings" | pause | "Confirmation prompts [on/off]"
  • Turn on/off the listing of "candidates" when SYNC finds several selections matching your request
    "Voice settings" | pause | "[Phone/Media] candidate lists [on/off]"

    Ex.: "Voice settings" | pause | "Media candidate lists off"

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