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If you're wondering whether your vehicle's operating systems are performing properly, you can use a voice command to find out with SYNC®. A Vehicle Health Report* provides diagnostic, maintenance, and recall information so you can stay on top of your vehicle’s requirements.27,48

  1. Turn your vehicle on and put it in Park, not Accessory mode.

  2. Run your vehicle for at least one minute before you run the report. (You will need to continually run your vehicle during the collection and sending of vehicle information, as well.)

  3. Turn on your


    Mobile phone

  4. Press or pull the Voice button and say, "Vehicle Health Report."

  5. Run Report displays. Press OK.

  6. Connecting displays. SYNC is now checking the status of the major systems in your vehicle and will send this information using your phone.

  7. When the vehicle information has been sent, Sending Complete displays.

    Your report will be available in your SYNC Owner account within a few minutes of running your report.

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