Close up of Ford owner driving vehicle with large medical icon on top right.

If you're in a crash where airbags deploy or the fuel-pump shuts off, 911 Assist® with GPS uses your paired phone to help call a 911 operator.* The microphone is on so anyone in the vehicle can speak to the operator, even if unable to reach the controls. 911 Assist is off by default, so you must change settings to turn it on. Most SYNC® with Voice-Activated Navigation-equipped vehicles can be upgraded to include 911 Assist.27,28

Before you start

There are a few things you should do before starting step 1:

  1. Press the Phone button.

  2. On the center touchscreen, touch Settings.

  3. Touch Advanced.

  4. Touch 911 Assist ON/OFF.

  5. To enable 911 Assist, touch Set 911 Assist ON.

  6. To disable 911 Assist, return to the 911 Assist screen and touch Set 911 Assist OFF.

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