Phone menu on SYNC screen with cell phone icon

A key feature of SYNC® with Voice-Activated Navigation is using voice commands for hands-free calling. Voice commands can also be used to manage text messages, phone settings, and phone connections.27,48

Key points about Phone voice commands
Contact names must be said exactly as entered in your phonebook. Giving the location as part of the "Call" command, such as "Call Mom at home," is optional but helps streamline the voice dialogue between you and SYNC.
With the "Dial" command, use the words "star," "pound," and "plus" for the symbols *, #, and +.
There is no voice command to end a call. To end a call, press and hold the Phone button or wait for the other party to disconnect.

Phone voice commands

  • Action
    Voice Commands
  • Call listing in phonebook
    "Call [name] [at home/at work/on cell/on other]" Ex.: "Call Mom" Ex.: "Call Mary Smith on cell"
  • Call number

    "Phone" | pause | “Dial" | pause | "[phone number]" | pause | "Dial" or "Enter"

  • Display phone name in SYNC

    "Phone menu" | pause | "Phone name"

  • Turn on/off notification of an incoming text message

    "Phone menu" | pause | "Phone setting message notification [on/off]"

  • Turn on/off ringer

    "Phone menu" | pause | "Phone setting set ringer [on/off]"

  • Change SYNC ring tone

    "Phone menu" | pause | " Phone setting set ringer [1/2/3]"

  • If a call is active, use the following commands:

  • Switch audio from car speakers to phone (privacy)
    "Go to privacy"
  • Place call on hold / take call off hold
    "Hold call [on/off]"
  • Mute call
    "Mute call on"
  • Unmute call
    "Unmute call"
  • Allow incoming call to join a call in session
    "Join calls"
*Turning off Bluetooth limits SYNC capabilities, including hands-free calling.

Text message voice commands

These commands allow you to hear a text message. You cannot text while driving.

  • Action
    Voice Commands
  • Listen to text message
    Incoming message:
  • Ex.: "Read message"

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