Steering wheel with voice commands icon

SYNC® with MyFord Touch® voice commands offer hands-free control of a wide range of in-vehicle and external systems. Voice command categories mirror the four corners of the home screen, plus optional SD Card Navigation.27

Voice command categories

  • Category
  • Entertainment

    Commands for music and media systems:

    general audio, AM/FM radio, SiriusXM Satellite Radio, USB/SD Card, Bluetooth® Audio devices, and CD player 34,48

    See Exploring Entertainment by voice

  • Phone

    Commands for calling and text messaging

    See Exploring Phone by voice

  • Climate

    Commands for heating and cooling

    See Exploring Climate by voice

  • Information

    Commands for using SYNC Services and SiriusXM Travel Link to get information and directions129

    See Exploring Information by voice

  • Navigation

    Commands for using the optional SD Card Navigation system

    (if equipped)

    See Exploring Navigation by voice

Global voice commands

  • Action
  • Display the home screen

    "Main menu"

  • Display the next screen of commands

    "Next page"

  • Display the previous screen of commands

    "Previous page"

  • Go back one step in the voice dialogue


  • End any voice session in progress


  • See valid commands for the current step in the voice dialogue

    "What can I say?"

  • Hear valid commands for the current step in the voice dialogue


  • Display all commands for the requested mode: Audio, Radio, Sirius, USB, SD Card, Bluetooth Audio, Phone, Climate, Services, Travel Link, Navigation, Browse , Voice Settings, or Voice Instructions

    "<Mode> list of commands"

  • Have a Vehicle Health Report sent to your SYNC Owner account 

    "Vehicle report"

  • Change voice interaction level

    "Interaction mode <novice/advanced>"

  • Turn on/off confirmation prompts

    "Confirmation prompts <on/off>"

  • Turn on/off the listing of "candidates" when SYNC finds several selections matching your request

    "<Phone/Media> candidate lists <on/off>"

    Ex.: "Media candidate lists off"

  • Change touchscreen display settings

    "Display settings"

  • Hear a brief tutorial on using voice commands

    "Voice instructions"

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