Whether you’re a driver who needs to interact hands-free or a passenger within reach of the 8-inch touchscreen, SYNC® with MyFord Touch® gives you options to adjust your vehicle’s cabin temperature.27

Ways to interact with basic climate control features

When you use voice commands, you have hands-free control over your vehicle’s cabin climate. To interact with voice commands, press or pull Voice and say a command to activate its feature. Learn more about climate control voice commands in Explore Climate by voice.

To interact with the 8-inch touchscreen, touch the Climate corner to access the Climate Controls screen, and then touch desired graphic control. On some graphic controls, a yellow glow indicates the “on” position while other graphic controls turn from black to blue when selected. A red, white, or blue glow indicates a selected temperature setting or fan speed. In addition, be sure to become familiar with the following increase and decrease (+ and -) controls:

  • Driver-side (+ and -) increases (+) or decreases (-) the temperature on the driver-side of the vehicle. When dual zone is off, it determines the temperature setting for the entire vehicle cabin

  • Passenger-side (+ and -) increases (+) or decreases (-) the temperature on the front passenger-side of the vehicle and activates/deactivates dual zone

  • Fan speed (+ and -) increases (+) or decreases (-) the fan speed

Set up and recall a personal cabin temperature with MyTemp

If your vehicle is equipped with the MyTemp feature, you can set and recall a preferred driver-side temperature. To set a personal temperature to recall later:

  • Touch the Climate corner to access the Climate Controls screen

  • Use (- and +) to adjust the desired temperature, then touch and hold MyTemp until you receive a screen confirmation

  • Press or pull Voice and say, “Climate | pause | My Temperature” to recall the stored temperature hands-free or touch MyTemp (avoid a prolonged touch, which clears your previous MyTemp)

Set up single and dual temperature zones for driver and passenger

Each time you start your vehicle, the cabin temperature is set to a single zone, which can be manually adjusted by touching the driver-side (+ and -). To switch to a dual zone:

  • Touch the Climate corner to access the Climate Controls screen

  • Touch Dual until the yellow dot glows  or simply adjust the passenger temperature setting and dual will automatically turn on

To switch back to a single zone:

  • Press or pull Voice and say, “Climate | pause | Dual Off” or touch Dual until the yellow dot stops glowing

Other ways to control your cabin temperature

In addition to the Climate corner of the touchscreen, you can control your cabin temperature using the center console controls beneath the touchscreen.

Configure Outside Temperature Display

In order to configure outside temperature display, touch Settings and choose the Clock menu.

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