Why isn't My SYNC® 4 Technology automatically updating?

SYNC 4 or SYNC 4A Updates Should Be Over the Air

If your SYNC 4* or SYNC 4A system is not updating automatically, the automatic Wi-Fi Over-the-Air Updates setting is probably not activated. Like many of your devices, you have the option to update SYNC 4 or SYNC 4A two ways:

  1. Manually, when prompted by an email or alert

  2. Automatically with Over-the-Air Updates (as we highly recommend)

To start using automatic Wi-Fi Over-the-Air Updates, just navigate to the following on your SYNC 4 or SYNC 4A touchscreen:


When you opt in for automatic SYNC 4 or SYNC 4A updates, you will always have the latest version of software running on your system and, with the latest version, you will always enjoy an experience like no other.

What if my SYNC 4 or SYNC 4A Over-the-Air Updates are on and my system still won’t update?

If your SYNC 4 or SYNC 4A Over-the-Air Updates are on and your system still does not automatically update, there could be a different issue.** Other reasons updates may not be installed include:

  • A reoccurring schedule has not been set up

  • Vehicle connectivity issues

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