What kind of personal data does SYNC® 4 Technology collect to customize suggestions?

SYNC 4 and SYNC 4A* do not sacrifice your privacy in pursuit of a personal, data-inspired experience, even with their amazing depth of connectivity. Rest assured, security is a chief priority from concept to prototype to the system currently in use inside your Ford vehicle.

What personal information does SYNC 4A use to create a personal experience?

With your consent, SYNC 4A will collect information about your daily interactions with SYNC and use this information to make smart one-touch suggestions on the user interface. The SYNC 4 Suggestions feature uses the following sources of information, aggregated over time, to build your SYNC experience:

  • Call history, when shared

  • Radio listening preferences

  • Driving history

With your consent, the SYNC 4A available machine learning capability can learn your preferences as you use your vehicle. It can support:

  • Predictive calling

  • Predictive radio

  • Predictive destination

  • Suggestive search for parking or electric vehicle charging locations

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