Fundamentally, there is very little difference between SYNC 4 and SYNC 4A. Both offer advanced features that can help keep you connected and your system continuously evolving. What’s more, they each combine available conversational voice recognition, cloud-based connectivity, over-the-air update capabilities and so much more to bring you a seamless and personalized driving experience while delivering easy smartphone integration.

What makes SYNC 4A unique?

There are a couple of main features of SYNC 4A that distinguish it from SYNC 4:

  • Adaptive Dash Cards

  • Automatic placement of frequently used dash items at the top of the screen

SYNC 4A Touchscreen

With its sophisticated instrumentation and breathtaking touchscreens, SYNC 4A could aptly be described as the slightly more elegant sibling of its namesake, SYNC 4.

SYNC 4A Adaptive Dash Cards

Instead of having to navigate menus every time you want to launch an app, recently used or popular features are listed horizontally underneath the main portion of the screen in Adaptive Dash Cards that display helpful information such as the next step on your route.

Interact with Your SYNC 4A Adaptive Dash Cards

The Adaptive Dash Cards are interactive as well. You can pause or skip songs directly through the card instead of having to bring up your music player, and similarly you can view your phone status or hang up calls through the card.

SYNC 4 Features

SYNC 4 is an entirely new user experience, with advanced features like:

  • Enhanced voice recognition

  • All-new cloud-based connectivity

  • Bluetooth® wireless phone connection to Apple CarPlay® Android Auto™ compatibility and SYNC AppLink®**

  • Customizable touchscreen options

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