The “cloud” is simply a lofty way of describing the internet — specifically all the information, such as music, media, weather, news and more, you can access remotely from it. When something is in the cloud, it means it is stored on remote servers instead of your computer or device hard drive, yet you have access to it virtually anytime.

How does the cloud, or cloud connectivity, work with SYNC 4® Technology?

SYNC 4 Technology* is 24/7 cloud-connected. By integrating cloud-based connectivity and conversational language comprehension, it delivers in-depth search results and more functionality for users, including optional Connected Navigation** or Connected Built-In Navigation to keep up with the latest traffic information. Owners always have access to the latest information with almost every request – from the closest restaurant to the nearest electric vehicle charge station, if equipped.

This means you can enjoy:

SYNC Cloud-Connected Navigation (Connected Navigation or Connected Built-In Navigation)

  • Smart searches, reliable and detailed traffic, fresh maps

  • Recognizable data services

  • Parking with availability and pricing

Available Cloud-Connected Conversation Voice Recognition

  • Natural language interactions, complex dialogues, smart answers

  • Conversational voice recognition

Streamed Music – SiriusXM® with 360L

  • Rich, diverse and exclusive music

  • Personalized and on-demand

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