Can I turn off cloud navigation with SYNC® 4 and SYNC 4A?

SYNC 4* cloud-based connected navigation is easily the most convenient way to plan any trip. With SYNC 4 Technology Connected Navigation** or Connected Built-In Navigation (see your owner’s manual to find out which one you have), you’ll get:

  • Accurate maps

  • Thoughtful points of interest

  • Fuel/charge locations

  • Real-time traffic and road condition updates

  • Almost instant rerouting options, should you need them

However, you can turn off cloud-based connected navigation in the SYNC 4 Technology settings if you wish.

Keep in mind when you turn off cloud-connected navigation that certain application functionalities may be affected. In some cases, your cellular data could be affected if you choose to use a third-party navigation provider.

How to turn off cloud data use

To limit cloud data use and continue to enjoy the full use of your onboard apps, you can:

  • Turn off Connected Navigation services within individual apps

  • Turn off traffic and personalization, as well as delete data, in apps

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