SYNC 3 gives you voice-control over your vehicle’s integrated entertainment and information system. This allows you to stay connected, while driving with your eyes on the road and your hands on the wheel.27

Main menu Streamlined voice commands

With SYNC 3, voice-activated commands require just a few steps to control a broad range of system features while you’re on the road. Here are a few examples:

  • Make hands-free calls with your phone safely put away. For example, just say the name of the person you wish to contact: “Call John on cell.”

  • Say, “Play <song, artist, album or genre>,” and the system plays your desired selection; you no longer need to state the category.

  • Use a simple one-phrase command to dial a phone number directly. Simply say, “Dial 313-555-1212,” and SYNC® puts your call right through.

  • Say the media source you want, and the audio automatically plays without additional commands. Say, “USB,” “Sirius,” “Bluetooth Audio,” etc.48

  • When providing the name of the POI you’d like to find, just say, “Find a POI/Place,” then give the name. You can say, “<City> Airport,” instead of “<City> Metropolitan Airport.” The Navigation screen will quickly route you. To change the search area, just say, “Change Search Area”.

To start talking to SYNC, use the popular voice commands listed below. For more details, read the SYNC 3 Overview.

Please Note: When CarPlay or Android Auto are active, SYNC 3 Voice Recognition is disabled and voice commands will not work.

Basic Commands

  • Go back

  • Cancel

  • List of Commands

  • Next Page / Previous Page (Scrolls through Voice lists only)
  • Help

Mobile Apps

  • List mobile apps

  • Find new apps

  • <App name>

  • <App name> Help


  • Phone

  • Pair phone

  • Call <name> on <cell/at home/at work>

  • Dial <number>
  • Messages

  • Listen to text message

  • Reply to text message

    NOTE: Listening and replying to text messages is a phone-dependent feature and may vary by device.


  • <87.9-107.9> FM

  • <87.9-107.9> FM HD <1-7>

  • Switch to HD <1-7>

  • <530-1710> AM


  • Play

  • Pause

  • Play Track <1–512>


  • Play <artist/album/song/genre>

  • Browse <device name/USB>

  • What’s playing?

SiriusXM® Radio

  • <Channel name>

  • Sirius Channel <number>

Bluetooth audio

  • Play

  • Pause

Navigation (if equipped)

  • Navigation list of commands

  • Find a Point of Interest/Place

  • Find an Address

  • Find an Intersection
  • Find <Chain/Category>* e.g. Find a Gas Station

  • Destination <home/work/favorites/previous destination>

  • Cancel route

  • Detour

  • Voice guidance on/off

  • Show <turn list/map>

  • Show <3D/north up/heading up>

  • Zoom in/out

  • Where am I?

  • Sirius Travel Link list of commands

  • Show <traffic/fuel prices/weather map/5-day forecast>

  • Take me <home/ to work>

  • Get directions to <Chain/Category>*

  • Drive to <Chain/Category>*

  • Navigate to <Chain/Category>*

Voice Settings

  • Interaction mode advanced/novice

  • Voice command lists on/off

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