Your Ford and 911 Assist®: Hands down, an easy way to call for help.*

Your Ford vehicle, when equipped with SYNC** or SYNC 3 technology, uses 911 Assist to provide a seamless, hands-free way to call if you need help from first responders.

How does SYNC 911 Assist work?

In order for SYNC to alert emergency personnel, the feature must be activated. You can enable 911 Assist on your vehicle’s touchscreen by pressing Settings>Help>911 Assist>Switch 911 Assist to On.

Does 911 Assist work with my SYNC system?

911 Assist is available on every 2007 and later Ford vehicle that is equipped with a SYNC system. However, it will not work until you have properly paired your Bluetooth® enabled smartphone and completed the setup.

What does 911 Assist do?

When you turn on a vehicle equipped with SYNC and 911 Assist software, the system relays information to help emergency call takers dispatch the appropriate resources to the scene. 911 Assist:

  • Detects and relays the number of safety belts in use.

  • Reports any incidents of airbag deployment.

  • Provides details about the type of crash (front, side, rear or rollover).

How to set up 911 Assist

Pair your mobile phone with SYNC. Once complete, your phone will automatically pair every time you enter your vehicle. If you have more than one paired phone in the vehicle, 911 Assist will attempt to call using each device until a connection is established. If your cell phone sustains damage or loses its connection to SYNC during a crash, SYNC searches for and tries to connect to a previous paired phone. SYNC then attempts to call emergency services.

Calling is easy

  • When SYNC 911 Assist initiates a call directly to 9-1-1, you’ll hear a voice indicate that a call attempt is in progress.

  • Should this be in error, you have about 10 seconds to cancel the call.

  • Your vehicle is not equipped with a pushbutton for manual activation of SYNC 911 Assist, so there is no need to worry about placing a false call.

During the 911 Assist call

SYNC 911 Assist uses your paired mobile phone to place the 9-1-1 call.

  • It's a standard wireless call so the network service provider may provide your phone’s number, location and service information, if available.

  • Once connected, SYNC will inform the call taker that you have been in an accident and provide the option to retrieve GPS information about your vehicle's location.

  • 911 Assist will then open the line.

If you switch off the vehicle’s ignition and open the vehicle’s door during a 911 Assist call, the call won't be disconnected. SYNC transfers the call from hands-free communication to your paired phone.

Ending the 911 Assist call

If a SYNC 911 Assist call is in progress, the vehicle controls for ending the call are locked out. The only way for you, or an occupant, to end the call is to press “End” on the phone handset. This ensures that the call taker has the most control of the situation. If the call is dropped, the call taker may choose to call back if the callback number is available.

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