You Are Here. Now Find Out How SYNC® 3 with Navigation System* Gets You There.

Every road trip, long or short, can come with its share of twists, turns, unscheduled stops and more. So, it’s nice to know that if your vehicle is equipped with SYNC 3 and its optional Navigation System, you can find your way from “here” to virtually wherever “there” is.

Best of all, it’s easy to use thanks to a touchscreen and voice-activated commands that make inputting your destinations before you hit the road and searching for points of interest along the way almost effortless.

What’s more, SYNC 3 automatically remembers all of your previous searches and points of interest so the system can intuitively populate your search and deliver familiar destinations — like that quaint coffee shop, a favorite restaurant or a friend's new home.

Have a say in where you go.

With voice-activated navigation, a simple command in a natural voice is all you need to interact with your onboard map system. Simply say: “1234 Main Street” and the map system will load your route.

It also recognizes partial name recognition, so instead of saying “take me to City Airport,” you can simply say “airport” and the system will automatically load coordinates.

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