Did you know that your vehicle’s SYNC® system may have a feature that can call for help if you’re in an accident?

If your airbags deploy or the fuel pump is shut off due to an accident, your SYNC-equipped vehicle may be able to contact emergency services by dialing 911 through a paired and connected Bluetooth®-enabled phone.

Here's how it works:

SYNC will alert you via your vehicle’s touchscreen that it will attempt to call 911. You’ll also have the ability to cancel, should you need it. You can cancel the call by pressing “Cancel” on your screen or press and hold the phone button on your steering wheel. If you do not cancel the call, a prerecorded message will play for the 911 operator, then the system will allow any occupant to talk to the operator.

911 Assist also relays additional information to help emergency operators dispatch the appropriate resources, including your vehicle’s location, if the airbags went off, whether it’s a front, side, rear collision or rollover, and how many safety belts it detects were fastened.

The first time you pair your phone to the SYNC system, you will be asked if you want to activate 911 Assist. You also have the option to activate it at a later time.

From your SYNC screen:

  1. Press Settings.

  2. Press 911 Assist.

  3. Switch the button to On.

You can also add two emergency contacts from your contacts list to be displayed following an emergency call placed by SYNC.

  1. Press Settings.

  2. Press 911 Assist.

  3. Press Set Emergency Contacts.

  4. Select a contact.

  5. A list of your contacts will be displayed so you can choose the person you’d like to add.

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