Mobile apps at the tip of your tongue

SYNC® AppLink is an integrated feature of SYNC 3. With a quick tap or swipe of the touchscreen, or by speaking a command, you can view and control compatible mobile apps on your smartphone.

This convenient feature enhances your ride, allowing you to keep your eyes on the road and your hands on the wheel.

Stream Internet radio, listen to podcasts, sportscasts, news and traffic, and order pizza on your way home—all without fumbling through phone menus.

Once your device is connected to SYNC 3, AppLink allows you to enjoy a mobile app experience in your vehicle similar to that available on your smartphone. Each app provides its own onscreen and voice command options.27,63

View how the most popular mobile apps work with SYNC AppLink and SYNC 3 in this video.

NoteCompatible apps must be installed on compatible devices. SYNC AppLink works with iOS devices, such as iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, iOS 6.0 and later. Apple® users must connect their device via USB and have compatible app running in background.

Quick Tip

SYNC 3 AppLink voice commands

  • “Mobile apps”

  • “Find apps”

  • “List mobile apps”

  • “<app name>” such as “Pandora”

Notes: In order to enable mobile apps, SYNC requires user consent to send and receive app authorization information and updates using the data plan associated with the connected device. The connected device sends data to Ford in the United States. The information is encrypted and includes your VIN, SYNC module number, anonymous usage statistics and debugging information. Updates may take place automatically.


Standard data rates apply. Ford is not responsible for any additional charges you may receive from your service provider, when your vehicle sends or receives data through the connected device. This includes any additional charges incurred due to driving in areas when roaming out of a home network.


App Permissions
The system organizes the App permissions into groups. You can grant these group permissions individually. You can change a permission group status any time when not driving, by using the settings menu. While in the settings menu, you can also see the data included in each group.
When you launch an app using SYNC, the system may ask you to grant certain permissions, for example Vehicle information, Driving characteristics, GPS and Speed, and/or Push notifications. You can enable all groups or none of them during the initial app permissions prompts. The settings menu offers individual group permission control.


Note: You are only prompted to grant permissions the first time you use an app with SYNC.

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