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No matter what your SYNC* version is, it’s ready to enhance your driving experience with turn-by-turn directions, seamless music and streaming options, the available convenience of Apple CarPlay® or Android Auto compatibility on select models and more.

See below to find out which version of SYNC you have. Then discover how to make the most of the tech at your fingertips.

What SYNC version do I have?

Find your SYNC version by identifying images and common features. Please note, controls vary based
on vehicle models and configuration. For accurate details, see your owner’s manual.

SYNC Central Hub

Connect your phone with SYNC 4 Technology

With a Bluetooth®-enabled smartphone, getting started with and enjoying your SYNC 4 Technology couldn’t be easier.

Update your SYNC software

To get the most out of your vehicle’s SYNC 4 Technology, we strongly suggest you keep the software up to date. Luckily, updating is easy.