As with all innovative technology products, SYNC® has evolved since its introduction. There are four versions of SYNC available, depending on your vehicle's model and year:27

1) SYNC (basic system) and SYNC with MyFord®

2) SYNC with Voice-Activated Navigation

3) SYNC with MyFord Touch®

4) SYNC® 3

Please note, controls vary based on whether your vehicle is equipped with features and your vehicle's configuration. Your vehicle may differ from these images. For specific details of your vehicle, please see your Owner Manuals.

Identify your version of SYNC

Identify by display

SYNC has a center display that shows basic information, such as caller ID, song titles, a digital clock, and temperature. In vehicles equipped with SYNC with MyFord, the center display is a 4.2-inch LCD screen.


SYNC with Voice-Activated Navigation has a color navigation screen in the center console that displays 3D maps and landmark icons.


SYNC with MyFord Touch has an interactive 8-inch color touchscreen in the center console.



Identify by key features

SYNC (basic system and SYNC with MyFord):

  • Hands-free calling
  • Voice control of your media player
  • SYNC AppLink™ (if available)63
  • 4.2-inch color cluster display (only on vehicles equipped with SYNC with MyFord)

SYNC with Voice-Activated Navigation:

Includes the same features as the basic system, plus the following:

  • Voice-Activated Navigation
  • Color navigation screen
  • DVD capability (watch DVDs on the center display)
  • 10GB jukebox (room for about 2,400 songs)  
  • HD Radio™48

SYNC with MyFord Touch:

  • 8-inch color touchscreen
  • One or two 4.2-inch LCD displays in the instrument cluster
  • Media hub with two USB ports, SD card reader, and A/V input jacks
  • Mobile Wi-Fi® hotspot48
  • Five-way controls on the steering wheel 

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