How to speak to SYNC

SYNC® with Voice-Activated Navigation can only hear you when it’s in Listening mode. If you talk while SYNC is speaking, it can’t hear you and won’t respond properly to your commands. Take turns for a successful voice session with SYNC.27

  1. Press the Voice button.

  2. SYNC prompts you for your first command. When you hear the single tone and the display shows Listening, speak the command in the direction of the microphone.

    SYNC can’t hear your commands unless it’s Listening.

  3. Continue to give commands when prompted until the command sequence is complete.

    When the display shows a voice status message, the voice session is active, and you can speak when you see SYNC is Listening.

    When SYNC displays a Success or Failure message, the voice session is over.

  4. To start a new voice session, press Voice again.

Quick Tip: 'Help?'

If you can’t remember the voice command you need, say, “Help,” and you'll hear a list of valid commands. 

Quick Tip: 'Cancel'

If you’re frozen in a voice command "loop" and SYNC doesn’t understand anything you say, say "Cancel" to end the voice session. Then, press Voice to start a new session.