911 Assist can call for help, even if you can't

When you turn on 911 Assist®, SYNC® 3 can alert emergency responders if you’re involved in an accident. The system also relays other information to help emergency call takers dispatch the appropriate resources to the scene.3,27,28

The 911 Assist feature detects and relays:
• Number of seat belts in use
• Airbag deployment
• Type of crash: front, side, rear or rollover

Watch how 911 Assist works with SYNC 3 in this video. 

The feature is off by default, so you must initially enable the feature before SYNC can make a 911 call.

Before you start
  • Turn on your vehicle's engine while in Park, not Accessory mode
  • Connect your paired phone (Help me pair my phone.)
  •  Your Bluetooth®-enabled phone must be on, paired and connected to SYNC 
  1. Press the Settings icon in the Feature Bar at the bottom of the touchscreen.

    The button will change color, indicating you are in the Settings menu.

  2. Swipe through the Settings menu screens until you see the 911 Assist icon and press it.  

  3. Slide the button to On, activating 911 Assist.

    The 911 Assist icon will appear above the name of the paired phone to indicate the status of the feature on the touchscreen.

    If the feature is not active, a 911 Assist Off icon will appear above the paired phone and in the Status Bar at the top of your touchscreen.

  4. If you’ve downloaded your contacts, you’ll also be able to choose two "in case of emergency" (ICE) contacts.

    In the 911 Assist Setting screen, press the “Set Emergency Contacts” button.

    Select a Contact for Emergency Contacts 1 and 2.