SYNC® 3 gives you voice control over your vehicle’s navigation system (if equipped). Controlling the system with your voice helps you reach your destination safely, while keeping your eyes on the road and your hands on the wheel.27

Watch this video to learn more about using voice commands for Navigation. 

Simple, real-world voice commands

Designed with you in mind, SYNC 3 lets you use your voice to give a wide range of navigation commands. You can talk to SYNC with simple, real-world voice commands, and the system will respond naturally. For example:

  • A simple, one-shot destination command lets you tell SYNC an address in a single sentence, without responding to multiple prompts for street, city, and state. (Saying the state is optional for one-shot searches.)
  • The system supports natural number commands, so you can say “Eleven Twenty-Five” instead of “One-One-Two-Five.”
  • SYNC also lets you search for a destination or point of interest with general information. Just say the informal name of the place you wish to go, and the Navigation screen quickly routes you. For example, you can say, “<City> Airport,” instead of “<City> Metropolitan Airport.”

Commonly used navigation commands

To start using navigation voice commands, press the Voice button on your steering wheel. After SYNC prompts you, say any of the commands listed below.  

Find a destination

Use these voice commands to reach a desired destination or point of interest (POI):

Home / Work / Favorites / Previous Destinations:

“Destination Work”
“Drive to / Take me to / Get directions to / Navigate to Work*”
“Destination Home”
“Drive / Take me / Get directions / Navigate Home*”
“Destination Favorite”
“Show Favorites*”
“Destination Previous Destinations”
“Show Previous Destinations*”

POI Categories / Chains (Well Known Names with >30 Locations):

“Find <POI Category>”
“Find <POI Chain>*”
“Find <POI Chain/Category> in <State/Province>*”
“Find <POI Chain/Category> in <Any City in the Current State/Province>*”
“Find the Next <POI Chain/Category>*”

Points of Interest:

“Find a Point of Interest”
“Find a Place*”
“Find a Place / Point of Interest in a City*”
“Find a Place / Point of Interest Along Route*”
“Find a Place / Point of Interest Near My Destination*”
“Find a Place / Point of Interest in <Any State/Province>*”
“Find a Place / Point of Interest in <Any City in the Current State/Province>*”


“Find an Address”
“Find an Address in <Any State/Province>*”
“Find an Address in <Any City in the Current State/Province>*”


“Find an Intersection”

Note: In the above commands, "Drive to", "Take me to", "Navigate to" and "Get directions to" can also be said in place of "Find". For example, "Take me to the airport" or "Get directions to an italian restaurant in Detroit".*

Change your map view

You can adjust the way SYNC displays your navigation map by saying the following voice commands:

“Show North Up”
“Show 3-D”
“Show Heading Up”
“Show Map”
“Zoom In”
“Zoom Out”

Get help during an active route

You can say the following commands during an active route:

“Repeat Instruction”
“Cancel Route”
“Show Destination”
“Show Route”
“Cancel Next Waypoint”
“Show Next Waypoint”
“Show Turn List”

Note: The system calculates a reasonably efficient route based on available speed limits, traffic, and road conditions. You may know a local short-cut that is more efficient than the SYNC route, but you should expect SYNC to always be +/- minutes of any alternative.

Access SiriusXM Traffic and SiriusXM Travel Link

Access the following SiriusXM Traffic and SiriusXM Travel Link® features with the following commands (requires active subscription):34

“Fuel Prices”
“Weather Map”
“5-Day Weather Forecast”

Learn more about SiriusXM Traffic and SiriusXM Travel Link.

*Voice Command applies only to vehicles with SYNC software v3.0. Some features like POI Chain and City names apply only to vehicles with Navigation Maps Version NA 1 16 or later. To check the Software and Map Version on the SYNC 3 touchscreen press Settings > General > About SYNC.