Quick access to frequent destinations

The SYNC® 3 Navigation system (if equipped) lets you create a list of favorites so you can access your home, work, or other frequently-used routes with ease. No matter where your journey takes you, this convenient feature helps you safely navigate to your favorite destinations with just a few taps of the touchscreen.

To set up your Favorites list, follow the steps below. 

Before you start

  • Familiarize yourself with the Navigation features SYNC 3 provides.
  • Personalize your Map, Route and Navigation preferences from the Settings menu to ensure you’ll be routed as efficiently as possible.
  • Make sure your vehicle is in Park. (You can’t add a Favorite location while your vehicle is in motion.) 

  1. Press the Nav icon in the Feature bar at the bottom of the screen to access the main Navigation screen.

    Note: The steps for setting up either a Home or Work address are the same.

  2. Press the Destination icon.

  3. The Set a Destination screen appears. Press the Home/Setup or Work/Setup icon to set up your desired address as a destination.

  4. An “Add a Favorite for Home [or Work]?” message will appear. Press Yes to continue.

  5. Enter the address of your desired location in the text box. You can also enter a city, point of interest, or intersection.

    When finished, press Search.

  6. Once SYNC finds the destination, it will display a map and address for your desired location.

    • If the information is correct, press Save.
    • Or, if SYNC doesn’t provide the result you want, press the Arrow icon in the upper left-hand corner to edit your information.
  7. Once your destination information is correct, SYNC will save the location to your list of Favorites.

    To add a Favorite location, press the + Add a Favorite icon. You can also Press the Favorites icon from the main Set a Destination screen (see step 3).

    Follow steps 5 – 7 to enter and save addresses of additional locations. Each time you add a new location, SYNC will save it to this list.

    To Edit or Delete a favorite destination, select the destination you wish to change from your Favorites list.

  8. A screen will then appear displaying a map and address for the location. Press Edit.

  9. Next, a screen will display the following options:

    • Change Name
    • Change Icon
    • Change Location
    • Delete

    Select the appropriate icon to edit or delete your destination’s information.