SYNC® with MyFord Touch® voice commands offer hands-free control of a wide range of in-vehicle and external systems. Voice command categories mirror the four corners of the home screen, plus optional SD Card Navigation.27

Voice command categories



Commands for music and media systems:

general audio, AM/FM radio, SiriusXM®, USB/SD Card, Bluetooth® Audio devices, and CD player 34,48

See Exploring Entertainment by voice
Phone Commands for calling and text messaging

See Exploring Phone by voice
Commands for heating and cooling

See Exploring Climate by voice
Commands for using SYNC Services and SiriusXM® Travel Link to get information and directions129

See Exploring Information by voice
Commands for using the optional SD Card Navigation system
(if equipped)

See Exploring Navigation by voice

Global voice commands



Display the home screen "Main menu"
Display the next screen of commands "Next page"
Display the previous screen of commands "Previous page"
Go back one step in the voice dialogue "Back"
End any voice session in progress "Cancel"
See valid commands for the current step in the voice dialogue  "What can I say?"
Hear valid commands for the current step in the voice dialogue "Help" 
Display all commands for the requested mode: Audio, Radio, Sirius, USB, SD Card, Bluetooth Audio, Phone, Climate, Services, Travel Link, Navigation, Browse , Voice Settings, or Voice Instructions  "<Mode> list of commands"
Have a Vehicle Health Report sent to your SYNC Owner account  "Vehicle report"
Change voice interaction level  "Interaction mode <novice/advanced>"
Turn on/off confirmation prompts  "Confirmation prompts <on/off>" 
Turn on/off the listing of "candidates" when SYNC finds several selections matching your request "<Phone/Media> candidate lists <on/off>"

Ex.: "Media candidate lists off"
Change touchscreen display settings "Display settings"
Hear a brief tutorial on using voice commands "Voice instructions"

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