Use SYNC® with MyFord Touch to adjust your vehicle’s settings and customize its features and available services. You can adjust your clock and sound settings, turn off or adjust your screen brightness, and more. To adjust your vehicle’s settings, touch the Settings icon on the bottom of your 8-inch touchscreen.27


Clock adjusts the clock display and clock format, sets daylight savings and auto time zone, and configures outside temperature display.


Display adjusts brightness and auto dim, and personalizes your touchscreen wallpaper.


Help gives your current location, system information, software license information, and driving restrictions. It also adjusts 911 Assist settings and lets you browse the voice commands list.28


Vehicle adjusts feature settings such as ambient lighting (if equipped)**, rearview camera (if equipped), enables/disables valet mode, sets door keypad code, and customizes and runs a Vehicle Health Report (VHR).


Sound adjusts the bass, midrange, treble, balance, fade, and speakers (stereo or surround).


Settings adjusts settings for your voice controls, optional SD Card Navigation system (if equipped), paired mobile phone or media player, and your vehicle’s USB hub and WiFi® and Bluetooth® connections.48

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