How to pair your phone with SYNC with MyFord Touch

To use any of the phone features for SYNC® with MyFord Touch®—such as making a call, receiving a text message, or using SYNC Services—you must first connect, or "pair" your Bluetooth®-enabled phone. Pairing is what allows Bluetooth devices to communicate securely with each other.

Please note that SYNC with MyFord Touch can make and receive calls using only one paired phone at a time.27,48,129

1. Turn on your

Mobile phone


2. Enable your phone’s Bluetooth® feature and make your phone discoverable.

3. SYNC lists the phone that has been paired. To pair another, touch Add a phone.


Search for devices on your mobile phone until your phone finds SYNC. Then, select SYNC.

4. Both SYNC and your phone will display a six-digit number, or pass-key. Verify that the two numbers match, then touch Pair on your phone and Yes on your SYNC touchscreen to confirm.


Note: If your phone prompts you to enter a pass-key on your device, then your phone does not support Secure Simple Pairing. It may be necessary to manually enter the pass-key, displayed on the SYNC touchscreen, into your phone in order to successfully pair.

5. When you have successfully paired your phone, <your name or the name of your phone> connected successfully displays.

6. SYNC prompts Set automatic phonebook download to ON?

Touch your selection. If you choose yes, this could take up to several minutes to download, depending on the number of contacts in your phonebook.

7. Set as Favorite displays on the touchscreen. Touch Yes or No.

If there is more than one phone in the vehicle, SYNC will search for and connect to the Favorite.

Quick Tip

Make your phone discoverable

You'll usually find Bluetooth®, the wireless technology that allows your device to connect to SYNC, on your mobile device through the Main menu> Settings> Wireless and Networks> Bluetooth.

Once you access Bluetooth settings, choose discoverable or hands-free. Consult your device manual instructions for how to enable Bluetooth and make your device discoverable. You may also need to scan for devices on your mobile phone.