After downloading a SYNC software update how do I unzip the file?

SYNC® software updates can come in large files; we compress them to make downloading faster.
You’ll need to extract compressed SYNC files, so that the system can read the updates once you've installed them in your vehicle.

Here’s how to download and extract SYNC update files:

Before you start

  • Your computer may already have an extractor program built in, but if not there are third-party programs available. Be sure you have one installed on your computer. 
    • Note: Depending on your computer, you can use a number of compression/extraction software programs. Some of the most popular programs are BitZipper, StuffIt, System Navigator, and WinZip.
  • Activate your SYNC Owner account (if you haven’t already done so), by logging in and registering your vehicle. (Help me activate my account.)
  • Locate an empty USB drive that holds 2 GB or more of data and is not password-protected.
  • Create a folder on your desktop and name it “SYNC Update.”

At your computer:

1. Once you’ve logged on to your SYNC Owner Account and you’re on the SYNC Software Updates page, choose Download SYNC Update.

2. Choose Start Download Process.

3. When asked where you’d like to save this file, choose the SYNC Update folder you created on your desktop.

4. Once the download is complete, open the SYNC Update folder and follow the directions of your extractor program to extract the compressed file.

  • Once the file is extracted, you should see two folders. 
5. Insert your non-password protected, empty USB drive into your computer. Copy both folders onto your USB drive.

6. Safely eject and take the USB drive to your vehicle to install the SYNC updates.