Where Are Ford Electric Vehicle Charging Stations?

No matter where the road takes you, we’re committed to keeping you charged up and ready to roll. Here are a few ways to make sure your Mustang Mach-E keeps its spark.

At Your Home

Enjoy the convenience of simple charging with the Ford Mobile Charger on a 120V wall outlet or the Ford Mobile Charger on a 240V NEMA 14-50 outlet. The available Ford Connected Charge Station offers up to 48 amps to maximize your home charging speed for your Ford electric vehicle.* Plus, with the addition of the FordPass App and FordPass Connect,** you can remotely lock and unlock your charge station, share access with family and friends, get insights on charge history and keep track of energy usage straight from your phone. The Ford Connected Charge Station is available at your local dealer or FordParts.com.

*Ford electric vehicles include the all-electric Mustang Mach-E and Ford plug-in electric vehicles. Home charging refers to AC charging (https://www.energy.gov/eere/electricvehicles/charging-home).

On the Road

The FordPass Charging Network is the largest public charging network in North America, with over 16,000 charging stations (almost 40,000 plugs) and growing.* The FordPass Charging Network includes 150 kW DC fast charging stations where the Mustang Mach-E is estimated to add 61 miles of range in approximately 10 minutes with extended-range battery and rear-wheel drive** (and an estimated 10%—80% charge and then in 45 minutes when equipped with an extended-range battery and rear-wheel drive).† You’ll be able to see which charging stations are available, the cost to charge†† (many are complimentary) and even save your favorites. Kicking off a road trip? We’ll let you know the optimal places to stop for the least amount of downtime with the FordPass Power My Trip feature. To get started, all you need to do is activate FordPass Connect, connect your Ford all-electric vehicle to the FordPass App and activate your charging services on Ford.com/ConnectedServices. Put in your destination and hit the road.

How to Activate and Pay

Simply for being a Mustang Mach-E owner, Ford provides complimentary access to the FordPass Charging Network for easy charge station activation and pay-as-you-go charging, ensuring a hassle-free experience. As an additional perk, Mustang Mach-E owners will receive 250 kWh of fast-charging with Electrify America through FordPass Rewards,* good for about 3—5 fill-ups.**

With “Plug & Charge” technology, you can automatically pay for charging by simply plugging in at a participating public charging station, eliminating the need to use smartphones or credit cards (available at most Electrify America stations). After you turn on your Plug & Charge feature in the FordPass App, participating stations will be able to communicate with your electric vehicle and bill you accordingly.

If you happen to run out of charge on the road, Roadside Assistance will tow you where you want within 35 miles: your home, the nearest public charger or a Ford EV-certified dealer. Outside of 35 miles, you’ll be towed to the nearest public charger or Ford EV-certified dealer.

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