To unlock your doors, press the button with the picture of an open lock to open all doors. Press the closed lock button to lock all doors. One short flash of the turn signal lamps confirms that your Mustang Mach-E is locked.

You can also use the lock button to locate your vehicle by pressing it twice within three seconds. Your turn signals flash to guide you. To open the liftgate, press the liftgate button twice. All of the lock/unlock functions of your key fob only work when your vehicle is stationary.

How do I change the Mustang Mach-E key fob battery?

Of course, your key fob’s battery has to be charged to work. The fob uses one coin-type 3-volt lithium battery, CR2450 or equivalent. To change the battery, push the release button at the bottom of the fob and pull the key blade out. Twist a thin coin under the tab hidden behind the key blade head to remove the battery cover. Insert a screwdriver under the battery and carefully remove it. Insert a new battery with the + facing up. Put the battery cover back and install the key blade.*

If you would rather not use your key fob or simply want a backup way to remotely control your Mustang Mach-E, check out Phone As A Key.**

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