Spiffy Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Spiffy service available everywhere?

Spiffy is available in cities and metro areas including Atlanta, Charlotte, Dallas-Fort Worth, Los Angeles, and Raleigh-Durham. Spiffy also offers Fleet Management as a Service in Chicago, Denver, Fort Lauderdale, Fort Myers, Las Vegas, Miami, Newark, New York, Orlando, Philadelphia, Phoenix, San Francisco, Seattle, Tampa, and Washington, DC. Don't see your city? Spiffy is expanding so check out getspiffy.com to see if your city is coming soon.


2. What if my car doesn't have the modem that enables me to lock/unlock my car remotely? Can I still get a car wash?

Yes! Hit "no" when prompted to sign in through your FordPass™ or Lincoln Way™ App (see attached screenshot). Since we won't be able to unlock/lock your vehicle remotely; we’ll need you to provide access to the keys of the vehicle.

3. If I'm just getting the exterior cleaned, do I need to allow the Spiffy technician access to the lock/unlock feature?

Yes, as part of the Spiffy Green Solution, our Technician will move your vehicle onto one of our reclaim mats to collect 100% of water and soap used during the wash.

4. Can I have more than one car cleaned in the same location?

Yes, you can. The Spiffy On-Demand Car Care app allows multiple vehicles to be added to a single appointment.

5. Does the app save my info so that I don't have to keep entering my information every time I order a wash?

Yes! Your info is all saved - so that the next time you are ready for a wash, all you have to do is select which car, location and type of service you need. You even have the ability to securely save credit card information.

6. How do I know when my technician has arrived? How will he/she get access to the interior of my car?

Spiffy will send you a text or in-app message depending on your preferences. Your Technician will arrive within a 30-minute window of your appointment time and will alert you when they arrive. Assuming you provided permission for our Tech to unlock/lock your vehicle, we do that via our Technician app.* You will receive Spiffy notifications throughout your service and confirmation from Spiffy when your vehicle is locked upon completion.

7. Why am I not receiving notifications?

When you download our app, you will be asked permission for Spiffy to send you notifications. If allowed, you will receive notifications throughout your service. You can reenable notifications at any time in your device’s notification settings.

8. Can I tip via the app AFTER my wash is completed?

Of course! After your service is complete you will be prompted to ‘rate & pay’ within our app. You have a 48-hour period to inspect your vehicle and choose to leave gratuity before you are automatically charged for your service.

9. How will Spiffy get my car to the location to wash it on its water reclaiming mat?

You will need to leave your key in your locked car (locked via your FordPass App) and we will drive your car onto our reclaim mat. We will return your car to its original parking spot, lock your vehicle with the keys inside and send a notification that service is complete after we are done.

10. Will the technician retain permanent access to my car?

No, the technician gets a temporary access token they use during your wash experience. After they are done and lock your vehicle, they can no longer access it.

For additional info/FAQ go to: http://www.getspiffy.com/faqs