Sparkl in Chicago Frequently Asked Questions

Sparkl was founded by Lisa Souter, who had enough of riding around Chicago in her dirty car. Now, she’s offering her services to those in the Chicagoland area so you can create time for the more important things in life, all while helping the environment. Get your Ford vehicle detailed inside and out while you’re at work by downloading the Sparkl and FordPass apps.

What if my car doesn't have the modem that enables me to lock/unlock my car remotely? Can I still get a car wash?

Yes! You would just hit "no" when prompted to sign in through your FordPass app. We don't discriminate against older models! We just won't be able to unlock/lock your vehicle. You will need to provide us access to the interior of the vehicle if necessary.

If I'm just getting the exterior cleaned, do I need to allow the Sparkl technician access to the lock/unlock feature?

Nope. If you just want the outside of your car cleaned, there is no need for us to get inside.

Can I have more than one car cleaned in the same location?

Yes, you can. However, our app is only able to book one vehicle at a time at this moment so, unfortunately, you would have to manually book 2 appointments. Or just book one, and then email us with details on the 2nd vehicle (make and model, as well as what type of service you want to be done) and we will take care of it from our end.

Does the app save my info so that I don't have to keep entering my information every time I order a wash?

Yes! Your info is all saved - so that the next time you are ready for a wash, all you have to do is select which car, location and type of service you need. You even have the ability to save credit card information.

How do I know when my technician has arrived? How will he/she get access to the interior of my car?

The technician will always contact you with an ETA, as well as when he/she arrives. Assuming you provided permission for our tech to unlock/lock your vehicle, we can easily do that via our app* (as long as the tech assigned to the job is within 50 meters of the car). When the tech is finished, you will receive a notification that he/she is done and your vehicle is now locked.

Why am I not receiving notifications?

When you download our app, you will be asked permission for Sparkl to send you notifications. Please allow, so that you will receive prompts when the tech has arrived, as well as completed your wash.

Can I tip via the app AFTER my wash is completed?

Unfortunately, we don't have the capacity to do that via our app just yet. You can add a tip at the time of booking, or you can email if you would like to tip after the wash and we can add it to your order. Of course, there's the old fashioned cash tip that our techs will never turn down either!

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