Driving Tips

Charge It: Your All-Electric Vehicle And Maximizing Your Range

Smart tips for maximizing your range between charges.

Did you know that by making a few simple adjustments to your driving habits and practicing a few tips, you can help maximize your Ford vehicle’s range between charges?

Your all-electric vehicle already has useful onboard features that can help you make the most of your MPGe rating, including Energy History, Energy Coach, Surplus and Status. But here are a few easy driving tips for you to use, mile after mile.

Warm up or cool down your interior with MyGO Times

Your Ford electric vehicle features MyGo Times which preconditions your vehicle’s interior temperature (heating or cooling it) while the vehicle is charging on the grid. When you’re ready to depart, the interior cabin temperature is comfortable without the need to deplete the charge from the high-voltage battery.

Stick with the speed limit

Try to avoid quick acceleration and hard braking since they affect range too. If you brake slowly and smoothly, you can also optimize your regnerative braking which can help capture more energy and maximize your range.

Put it in cruise

When traffic and road conditions permit, use cruise control to help maintain a constant set speed and avoid driving at higher speeds, which can have a negative impact on your range.

Say “no” to stop-and-go traffic

If you can, avoid routes that have heavy stop-and-go traffic and many stoplights.

More wind and weight = less range

Have a cargo carrier or roof-mounted bike rack? They’re convenient, but they can decrease range. Skip them and you can help maximize your range.

Reduce A/C usage

Whenever your can, reduce the use of air conditioning, heated seats and defrosters to help maximize your range. When driving in extreme weather conditions, remember that those can affect your battery operation.

Look after your all-electric vehicle

Remember to keep up with your scheduled maintenance. It can help ensure that your Ford all-electric vehicle’s range will be optimized.

*Effectivness of cabin conditioning may be reduced by extreme outside temperatures or when using 120V charging.

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