Get the best windshield wiper blades for your Ford.

Ford Service professional installing a wiper blade

See clearer. Drive safer.

Our experts are highly trained to ensure the right wipers are selected and installed for your exact Ford. Because with the right fit, you can drive with more confidence under all kinds of conditions.

Do I need new wiper blades?

Waiting until it starts raining, sleeting or snowing to discover your wipers aren’t functioning at their best is the last thing you want while out on the road. They should be replaced as soon as you notice a difference in driving visibility due to cracked, peeling or brittle blades. Other signs include streaking, chattering, worn rubber, split rubber, bent refill or wiper frame or loose connection systems. An easy rule of thumb is most drivers require new replacement blades every six months.

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Why choose Ford Service to replace my wipers?

Our Ford Service technicians are expertly trained to not only know when it’s time to make a change, they can also choose the right type of blade to fit your Ford vehicle for every seasonal need.

Plus, we carry several models to choose from, including the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) blades designed for your specific Ford, which offer the following benefits:

  • Blade is designed, tested and validated by Ford engineers for your specific vehicle

  • Provides exceptional visibility under all conditions and includes a built-in spoiler for efficient wiping, regardless of the vehicle speed

  • A compact wiper, providing a broader field of vision

  • A frost-proof, mono-black structure improves performance in very cold weather

  • Aerodynamic design provides a modern and attractive appearance, which fits perfectly with the vehicle

  • A built-in spoiler along the complete length of the wiper prevents the wiper from lifting up from the windshield at high speeds

  • The aerodynamic design helps reduces noise by approximately 50 percent when compared to a conventional wiper blade

  • Greater adhesion to the windshield results in improved performance

  • An optimal wipe is achieved through constant pressure being provided along the whole length of the blade

Ford service professional examines Motorcraft® wiper blades
Ford customer uses cell phone to schedule wiper service on the FordPass™ App

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