Ford collision repairs


Keep your Ford a Ford

The right parts matter. Follow up an accident with a good choice—choose genuine Ford Collision Replacement Parts from a Ford authorized body shop.

Here's what to do after a collision

Alert Roadside Assistance

Get a winch back onto the road or a tow to a Ford dealership.

Call your insurance provider

Make sure your coverage includes Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts. That means parts made for your Ford.

Choose the right body shop

You have the right to go to any repair shop you want. Go to the one with experts trained to work on your vehicle.

A guide for what's next

Download our helpful collision guide to quickly reference important immediate next steps following a collision and easily collect the right information from everyone involved.

Not all replacement parts are equal

The right parts are critical to your vehicle's long-term performance and your peace of mind. Ford Collision Parts are specifically engineered to offer the safety and reliability of an original Ford part.

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