Ford Dealership Visits

Your vehicle contains several Service Data Recorders (SDR) that are capable of collecting and storing performance and diagnostic information about your vehicle. SDRs are typically part of vehicle computer systems and may control the operations of certain vehicle systems. SDR data includes information about the performance or status of various systems and modules in the vehicle, such as engine, throttle, steering, brakes, tires, communications and entertainment systems, and may include data about other similar systems.

For example, SDR data includes diagnostic trouble codes that are used to help diagnose malfunctions, or sensor data like exhaust gas measurements that are used to improve engine efficiency and emission controls. Using such data is an important part of diagnosing, servicing, or repairing vehicles, including warranty administration, for improving the quality of vehicles and services and coming up with new ones, and to offer you products or services that may interest you.

SDRs continuously record and overwrite data, and typically will contain data for up to a few months. The SDRs cannot be deactivated because they are used to control many vehicle systems. In general, SDR data is stored on the vehicle itself, and may be accessed during repair services by Ford dealership technicians.

By requesting vehicle repair service through a dealer, you agree that we may use vehicle data as described.

SDR data may be shared with service providers that support the uses described, such as part suppliers that may help diagnose malfunctions, and who are similarly obligated to protect data. We retain this data only as long as necessary to perform these functions or to comply with law.

This information applies only to data received by Ford Motor Company. Dealerships may request and use other vehicle information. Please consult with your local Ford Dealership for information on their privacy practices.