Mercury FAQ

Everything you need to know about your Mercury.

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Where can I take my Mercury for service?

Bring your Mercury to any Ford or Lincoln dealership, where you'll find the trained experts and parts needed to service your vehicle.

Will you continue to honor warranty coverage and Extended Service Plans (ESP) for Mercury vehicles?

Absolutely. We appreciate our Mercury owners and stand ready to serve you. We honor all Mercury warranties, Extended Service Plans and maintenance plans. We also provide parts and service support for your Mercury for as long as you own it.

Will there be any change in my Ford Credit financing?

If you financed your Mercury through Ford Credit, your account will not be affected in any way. You can continue to access your Ford Credit account the same way you have always done, including Ford Credit online.

Will you still sell accessories for my Mercury?

Yes. You can purchase custom accessories for your Mercury through your Ford or Lincoln dealer.

Where can I buy another Mercury vehicle?

The vast majority of dealerships ceased selling new Mercury vehicles in 2010. If you are interested in a Certified Pre-Owned Mercury vehicle from a previous model year, click here. If you are interested in another vehicle from the Ford Motor Company family, visit For vehicles offered by The Lincoln Motor Company, visit

Where can I find more information about my Mercury?

By registering for Ford Owner, you can access all the specific information you need about your Mercury, including feature videos, service history, your Ford Credit bill and much more. Learn more.