The SYNC Destinations mobile application

With the SYNC® Destinations* mobile application you can access traffic information, get turn-by-turn directions, manage Saved Points, and more, using your SYNC Services subscription on your tablet or smartphone.27,129

* SYNC Destinations is available to owners of SYNC-equipped vehicles who have registered an active SYNC Services account in their Owner account.

A mobile application for SYNC Services

SYNC® Destinations is a mobile app developed for use with SYNC Services. The application is available for many iPhone®, iPad®, Android™, and BlackBerry® devices.43,48

To find out if SYNC Destinations is available for your tablet or smartphone, check your device’s app store.

Features of SYNC Destinations

View traffic and route information

Get real-time traffic updates, and find out if current traffic is better, worse, or average for your route. Calculate routes anywhere within the contiguous United States, look for alternative routes, and find out how long your trip will take.

Manage SYNC Services Saved Points

Using the app, you can search for a business or address and add it as a SYNC Services Saved Point. You can also create Saved Points from your device’s contact list, or from any previously saved destinations.

Using SYNC Destinations with SYNC AppLink

SYNC AppLink™ connects you to some of your favorite smartphone applications through SYNC. If your vehicle is equipped with SYNC AppLink, you can control SYNC Destinations using voice commands.63

Use voice commands to report traffic incidents to the SYNC Destinations community, view other users’ incident reports, and download traffic information and turn-by-turn directions using your smartphone’s data connection.

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