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Troubleshooting tips for SYNC and SYNC with MyFord

Your SYNC® system was designed to provide you with years of entertainment, information, and convenience.

However, if you ever notice slower than normal operation or other issues, use the following troubleshooting tips to help keep your system operating in top shape.27

How to identify your SYNC version

As with all innovative technology products, SYNC® has evolved since its introduction. There are four versions of SYNC available, depending on your vehicle's model and year:27

1) SYNC (basic system) and SYNC with MyFord®

2) SYNC with Voice-Activated Navigation

3) SYNC with MyFord Touch®

4) SYNC® 3

Please note, controls vary based on whether your vehicle is equipped with features and your vehicle's configuration. Your vehicle may differ from these images. For specific details of your vehicle, please see your Owner Manuals.

Learn the controls for SYNC

In order to use SYNC®, it’s important to know where your vehicle's controls are and how to interact with them.27

Please note, features may vary based on your vehicle’s configuration.

Understand how voice commands work for SYNC

Nearly every SYNC® feature can be simply activated with voice commands. You can use your phone, play music, and access many other SYNC features. Of course, you're still able to use the buttons and knobs surrounding the screen when you prefer them to voice commands.27

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