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Explore Information by voice control

SYNC® Services is a subscription service that gives you directions, traffic, weather, news, sports, business search, and personal favorites, all through voice commands.27,34,129

Key points about Information voice commands

SYNC Services is on-demand information delivered over the phone. You can request turn-by-turn directions, which can be shown on the display in your center console. For a full list of the available services, see SYNC Services Overview.

SYNC Services commands

An active SYNC Services subscription is required to use these commands. If you've downloaded directions and there is an active route, some single-line commands can access the SYNC Services directions feature. Press Voice before saying these commands. 


Voice Commands

Call SYNC Services "Services" | pause | follow prompts
If you've downloaded directions from SYNC Services, you can:  
Get a new route "Update route"
Display turns in route "Route summary"
Hear upcoming turn again  "Next turn"
Get an estimated time of arrival "Route status"
Stop the directions "Cancel route"

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