Explore Navigation by voice

When your SYNC® vehicle is equipped with the optional Voice-Activated Navigation system, you can use voice commands to set your destination and manage your Navigation options.27  

Key points about Navigation voice commands

Destination names, such as "Home," "Work," and "Favorites," must first be set up in your vehicle's Navigation system. If SYNC has trouble understanding "Home," try saying "My Home."

Using the touchscreen usually ends a voice session. On the touchscreen, the options outlined in blue can be spoken as voice commands, as well as selected from the screen; options not outlined in blue should not be touched. Always select "Set As Destination" on the touchscreen to activate a route after you've downloaded directions.

Valid Point of Interest (POI) categories appear on the touchscreen when you use the "Destination POI" command.  Acronyms such as POI should be said one letter at a time: "P-O-I." Numbers should be said one digit at a time: "1-4-4-0" instead of "Fourteen-forty." 


Voice Commands

Get directions to an address “Destination address” | pause | "<your address>"
Get directions to an intersection “Destination intersection” | follow prompts
Get directions to a POI when you know the name
“Destination POI” | follow prompts | "Name" | pause | "<name>"
Get directions to a POI when you don't know the name 
“Destination POI”  | follow prompts | "Category"  | pause | "<category>"
Get directions to a POI when you know the category “Destination <POI category>” | follow prompts
Get directions to nearest POI when you know the category “Destination nearest <POI category>”  | follow prompts
Get directions from current location to home/work "Destination <Home|Work>"
Get directions to one of your preset Favorites
"Destination Favorites" | follow prompts
Get directions to a previously set destination "Destination previous destination" | follow prompts
Get directions to one of your named destinations "Destination <nametag>"
Hear the available named destinations
"Navigation" | pause | "Play nametags" 
Show map on the touchscreen
"Navigation" | pause |"Show map" 
Show North at top of map
"Navigation" | pause |"Show North up" 
Show current vehicle heading at top of map
"Navigation" | pause |"Show heading up"
Zoom in on the map 
"Navigation" | pause | "Zoom in" 
Zoom in as far as possible
"Navigation" | pause |"Zoom in minimum"
Zoom out on the map
"Navigation" | pause | "Zoom out" 
Zoom out as far as possible
"Navigation" | pause | "Zoom out maximum" 
Show destination on the map
"Navigation" | pause | "Show destination" 
When a route is active, use the following commands:  
Show next waypoint in route on the map
"Navigation" | pause | "Show next waypoint" 
Cancel next waypoint 
"Navigation" | pause | "Cancel next waypoint" 
Show entire route on the map 
"Navigation" | pause | "Show route" 
End Navigation
"Navigation" | pause | "Cancel route"
Change the route
"Navigation" | pause  "Detour"
See the directions listed
on the touchscreen next to the map
"Navigation" | pause | "Show turn list" 
Hear the directions read to you turn by turn
"Navigation" | pause | "Voice on"
Stop audible directions
"Navigation" | pause | "Voice off" 
Adjust voice volume 
"Navigation" | pause | "Voice volume <increase/decrease>"
Hear the upcoming turn instruction again
"Navigation" | pause | "Repeat instruction"

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