Waze & Ford SYNC 3 AppLink: Frequently Asked Questions

We’re bringing the traffic jam-dodging, accident scene-avoiding, hazard-eluding benefits of Waze navigation right to your vehicle’s available SYNC® 3 touchscreen through AppLink®.63 Operate Waze through your vehicle’s touchscreen and use voice commands for hands-free control so that you can keep your eyes on the road.* Here on this page are some tips for getting you and your vehicle connected to the Waze community. If you don’t have the latest version of Waze, download it at the App StoreTM or Google PlayTM.

If you’re curious about other AppLink enabled apps after you’ve started to take advantage of Waze, check out the AppLink App Catalog for a complete list of compatible apps.

How do I access Waze with SYNC 3 AppLink and my iPhone?

Please follow the below instructions:

1. On your iPhone, open the latest version of Waze.
2. Disable Apple CarPlay because SYNC 3 AppLink and Apple CarPlay cannot run simultaneously. SYNC 3 will remember this setting and Apple CarPlay will remain disabled until you activate it again.
    • On your SYNC 3 screen, go to Settings > Apple CarPlay Preferences > Disable
3. Connect to SYNC 3 AppLink by connecting your iPhone to the vehicle’s USB port.
4. Ensure mobile apps are enabled within SYNC 3. Go to Settings > Mobile Apps > Enable Mobile Apps > On, then agree to the terms and conditions.
5. Press “Apps” on the SYNC 3 Feature Bar and select the Waze tile. You will be asked, “Please select a default navigation App.” Select the Waze tile. SYNC 3 will remember your preference on future connections.
6. You are now ready to use Waze with SYNC 3 AppLink. You’ll notice the Waze logo has replaced the Navigation arrow on the SYNC 3 Feature Bar.

What SYNC 3 Software Version is needed to run Waze?

Waze only runs on SYNC 3 Software Version 3.0 or greater. The SYNC 3 Software Version can be checked on the SYNC 3 touchscreen by pressing: Settings > General > About SYNC > SYNC 3, Software Version.

My SYNC 3 Software Version is older than 3.0, how do I update the software?

SYNC 3 Software updates are available via a USB download or a service technician installation. SYNC 3 Software Version 3.0 updates will be available through the Wi-Fi update process in the future, but are currently unavailable.

What iOS Software Version is needed to run Waze in SYNC 3 AppLink?

iOS 11.3 or greater. Note: AppLink is not compatible with iOS 11.2.5.

Does my vehicle need to be equipped with a navigation system to be able to use Waze?

No, the navigation system is not required to be able to run Waze in SYNC 3 AppLink.

Can I use Waze in Apple CarPlay?

No. Waze is not compatible with Apple CarPlay.

Am I able to use Waze in the SYNC 3 touchscreen with my Android phone?

Currently Waze is only available in SYNC 3 AppLink with iPhone. Android users can connect Waze to their SYNC 3 touchscreen by using Android Auto. To connect using Android:

    1. Download the latest versions of both Android Auto and Waze on your Android phone.
    2. Connect your Android phone with a USB cable to the vehicle’s USB port.
    3. Ensure Android Auto is enabled on your SYNC 3 screen (Settings > Android Auto Preferences > Enable)
    4. Select Navigation App from the footer of your screen. If you haven’t used Waze in Android Auto before, tap the Navigation App again and select “Waze.”

Why does the navigation screen sometimes say, “Waze is in the background on your phone”?

In order for Waze integration to run on SYNC 3, the app must be running in the foreground. If you don’t see this screen on your iPhone, you’ll need to move Waze to the foreground.

Why does the Waze map sometimes freeze?

If you turn off your iPhone, the Waze map will freeze in the SYNC 3 touchscreen. To fix the issue, ensure Waze is running in the foreground (your iPhone will be displaying the screen shown here).

Does Waze use my smartphone’s data and location services?

Yes, Waze uses your smartphone’s internet connection and location services to access Waze information. You must make sure your smartphone has an active internet connection when you start Waze for the first time.

I’m having issues starting Waze on SYNC 3, what should I do?

Please try the following:

    a. Try closing Waze and reopening it - Directions here: https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT201330
    b. Make sure your smartphone has an active internet connection
    c. Make sure your vehicle is able to determine its location via GPS. Hint: Parking outside may help.

Are all of the Waze functions available in SYNC 3?

Nearly all Waze functionality is brought into SYNC 3. Settings and My Waze are not available in SYNC 3. Additional features that are not available are pinch to zoom, keyboard address entry while the vehicle is in motion, and “OK Waze”.

Do 2016 Model Year vehicles need to upgrade the USB hub to be able to run Waze in SYNC 3, like they do with Apple CarPlay?

No, the USB does not need to be upgraded to run Waze.

Is Waze able to run simultaneously with other AppLink compatible apps?

Yes, for a list of all of the compatible AppLink apps, visit the AppLink App Catalog.

Can I connect Waze to SYNC 3 AppLink using Bluetooth?

No. Waze uses the Projected Navigation technology to bring Waze into the SYNC 3 touchscreen. Projected Navigation uses a high bandwidth of data transfer and requires you to connect your iPhone to the USB-Port using an Apple provided USB cable. Non-Apple USB cables may not work with AppLink and may only allow charging of the device.

What audio sources can I use while running Waze with SYNC 3 AppLink?

You are able to use all of the audio sources within SYNC 3 including AM, FM, Sirius XM, CD, Bluetooth streaming, and SYNC AppLink compatible music apps.

*Available via iPhone® in Ford vehicles equipped with SYNC 3 with Software Version 3.0. Commands may vary by phone and AppLink software. Don’t drive while distracted. Use voice-operated systems when possible; don’t use handheld devices while driving. Some features may be locked out while the vehicle is in gear. Not all features are compatible with all phones. Message and data rates may apply. iPhone is a trademark of Apple, Inc. registered in the U.S. and other countries. Android Auto is a trademark of Google Inc.