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SYNC® Services is a subscription service available to owners with SYNC with MyFord Touch® that puts 411 Business Search, turn-by-turn directions, news, traffic, weather, sports, and more within reach of your voice.27,129

Personalize your SYNC Services

SYNC Services offers audible travel information on demand. If SYNC Services can't fulfill your request for directions or 411 Business Search, you'll have the option of using Operator Assist service.64

You can personalize SYNC Services by registering an account and setting up your favorites

When you access SYNC Services, a phone call is placed to an automated system. Once connected, follow the prompts and speak your selections. You don’t need to press the Voice button every time before speaking (there are a few exceptions—see the section on SYNC Services voice commands in Exploring Information by voice.)

In vehicles with optional SD Card Navigation system, 411 Business Search and Directions integrate with the navigation system.


How to connect with SYNC services

To connect with SYNC Services, press Voice and say "Services." When prompted, choose one of the following services.
To end the call, Press Phone. If you are requesting directions, the call will end after the directions have downloaded to your vehicle.



Traffic Hear a traffic report for your current location  or en route to a personal address point like "Home" or "Work"
Directions Get turn-by-turn directions to a destination, including personal address points like “Home” and “Work” 
Business Search Find a destination and get directions to it
Horoscopes Hear your daily horoscope
Movies Hear local movie listings
News Hear top news stories
Sports Hear sports scores and game schedules  for professional and college teams 
Stocks Hear stock reports
Travel Receive airline, rental car, hotel, and taxi assistance from major national booking desks
Weather Hear the weather forecast for your current location
Favorites Connect to the Favorites selected on your owner profile, such as hometown traffic, news, and sports scores

Subscribing to SYNC Services

Most SYNC-equipped vehicles may be eligible for a limited, complimentary subscription to SYNC Services. Your active SYNC Services subscription includes 20 complimentary Operator Assist calls per year.

Before using SYNC Services for the first time, you will need to sign in to your account and activate your subscription. You'll then be ready to use SYNC Services in your vehicle.

For the best results, ensure that you have successfully paired your Bluetooth-enabled phone with SYNC and disabled the phone's caller ID blocking feature. Then, access SYNC Services by pressing the Voice button and saying, "Services." SYNC will guide you through the voice commands necessary to use all of the SYNC Services features or you can familiarize yourself with the available voice commands beforehand.

Renewing your SYNC Services subscription

Each year, we will ask you if you would like to renew your SYNC Services enrollment. Your renewal lets us know that you plan to continue using the service and provides us with an opportunity to keep our customer service records accurate. If you are at the end of your limited, complimentary subscription, there may be a charge to renew SYNC Services.

You can renew your subscription in-vehicle – the system will prompt you when it’s time to renew – or you can renew online by logging in to your Ford Owner account.

Once your subscription has expired, you can log in to your Ford Owner account to purchase an additional 1-year subscription for $60.00. Each year includes 20 free Operator Assist sessions.

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