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How to install SYNC with MyFord Touch updates in your vehicle

We periodically release software updates to deliver the most advanced technology. To get started, download the software update to a USB drive. Once downloaded, take your laptop or mobile device to your vehicle and follow the steps below.27

Please note: If your vehicle is equipped with the Intelligent Access with Push Button Start feature, you will need to temporarily disable the Automatic Engine Idle Shutdown (AEIS) component before beginning the installation in order to prevent your vehicle from timing out and shutting off the engine before the software update is complete.

(To disable this feature, use your steering wheel controls to navigate to the Settings menu on your left-hand Instrument Cluster LCD display. From there, select Vehicle > Auto Engine Off > Off. Alternatively, after initiating the installation, you may drive the vehicle during the update process to avoid the engine shutting off. The AEIS will automatically reset to "On" the next time you start your vehicle. If you do not see this setting, there is no need to make any changes before starting the update.)

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