Using the MyFord Touch Guide app

SYNC® with MyFord Touch® has many useful features and services.

So many, in fact, that we’ve created the MyFord Touch Guide mobile app for iOS and Android devices.

Whether you’re a new owner or just trying to learn more, the MyFord Touch Guide app is a great way to learn about MyFord Touch – from anywhere, at any time.27

In order to get you familiar with MyFord Touch, the app features four unique interaction modes: Normal – Interactive, Help – Interactive, Help – Video FAQ, and Help – Re-configurations.


Normal – Interactive mode gives you a simulated environment for MyFord Touch, and lets you discover the system at your own pace . It uses the same touch-screen experience as the in-vehicle system, so you can navigate through the Phone, Navigation/Information, Entertainment, and Climate main menus. You can also explore lower-level menus in Settings and Navigation/Information, as well as interact with the app’s many active buttons. (Active buttons contain white text and inactive buttons contain gray text.) Normal – Interactive mode is active when the question mark icon is white.


Help – Interactive mode is a guided experience that will quickly get you up to speed with MyFord Touch. When you press the app’s question mark icon, it turns yellow and buttons containing important learning points are highlighted. Touching a highlighted button starts an Avatar-led demonstration explaining the button’s functionality. During the Avatar-led segments, graphics appear and user controls become visible – you can play, pause, move forward or backward using buttons or the progress bar, and end the segments whenever you like.


Help – Video FAQ mode uses tutorials to get you familiar with the MyFord Touch system. When the question mark icon is yellow, a yellow FAQ button is visible to its right. Pressing the FAQ button brings up a list of general and specific system topics. Pressing one of the topic buttons starts an Avatar-led video segment that discusses system procedures in a step-by-step format. Dedicated controls let you play, pause, move forward or backward using buttons or the progress bar, and end the segments.


Help – Re-configurations mode offers a number of useful features of the app - for example, you can see how the MyFord Touch system looks like in a number of vehicle models. When the app’s question mark icon is yellow; a three-horizontal-bars button is visible to its left. Pressing this button makes the three bars turn yellow and a list of re-configurable options is displayed. There are multiple vehicle models and an SD Card Navigation option you can choose from. Your device can display the app in full-screen or a reduced-screen size. You can also rate the app on AppleTM App Store or GoogleTM Play Store, contact the app support via email and read the End User License Agreement from within this mode.

The MyFord Touch Guide app is currently available in English, Canadian French, and Mexican Spanish languages. It supports Apple iOS 4, 5, 6, and 7 and Android Froyo 2.2, Gingerbread 2.3x, Honeycomb 3.x, Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0, and Jelly Bean 4.1+.

To download the MyFord Touch Guide app, visit the App Store or Google Play.43

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